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The Examen

St. Ignatius of Loyola (I’m sure you all know who this is – right?) was a Spanish priest who founded the Jesuits (Society of Jesus). They are known for academic scholarship. Ignatius also practiced spiritual exercises and prayer was a major discipline. “The Examen” was an evening practice.

In its simplest form, The Examen is remembering the best and worst parts of the day and blessing them as part of a rich spiritual life. Richard Colligan is “the psalmist in the field” with an amazing website on the Psalms. He says The Examen is: “…a very psalmy thing to do. If the psalms teach us anything, it's that the highs and lows of life are natural, normative and part of being a thriving human being. For many of us, however, it's a rare thing to set aside time to reflect on daily life and the moments within that day.”

Consider that how we start and end the day can set the tone of our lives! May today’s encounter with Psalm 4 – an evening psalm – enrich your life and enhance your trust in God!

Pastor Sonny

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