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“Not Yet Enough Light”

There are some bothersome sections of the Old Testament that my religion professor would mark: NYEL – “Not Yet Enough Light.” At first, he was talking about his own scholarship. He just was not at a point in his discipleship to understand why (for instance) God would command Israelites to kill every living thing – man, woman, and child – and this happened several times in the Old Testament.

You can find arguments for religious purification (a dangerous argument – a terrifying modern prospect). That God wanted the Hebrews free from corrupting influences. Short of that reasoning, my professor would just put NYEL to mark his lack of understanding.

I proposed another perspective. Based on the revelation of Jesus Christ, is it not better to understand that the BIBLICAL persons of the OT did not yet have enough light. Here’s how I would describe it:

Start with a small battery votive (like the ones we used in the windows on Christmas eve). This is all the light we had about God when the creation fell into sin after Adam and Eve - our knowledge of God had faded away and we were separated from the light. Then God called out people beginning with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and the light grew brighter (like a small candle). Then God grew a nation in Egypt and rescued them from pharaoh - God gave them a law on the mountain and poets like David to write songs about God - the light grew brighter (like a small flashlight). Then God called prophets to speak God's word to kings and people and exhort them to live as God requires (like a large flashlight).

Then, in the fullness of time, God sent Jesus to show us God, and BE for us the way, the truth, and the light (like the brightest LED lamp we can find). If we know Jesus, we know God - Jesus is God's brightest light - all the light we could ever need!

Pastor Sonny

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