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Welcome to ordinary time – those large blocks of our life where we run a routine. Let me ask you, do you like routine? Maybe it sounds boring – the same schedule day after day, but routine is a healthy practice. Breaks or vacations only hold meaning for us as different from the usual, the routine. We live out huge blocks of time in a routine and THEN enjoy a holiday, a break from our routine.

That’s why I encourage you to embrace your routine. It is the very definition of normal, of healthy. We get up as routine, we sleep as routine, and we live out our day. Now, how does that look? I must confess that I’m having trouble establishing a routine. A preacher’s life revolves around Sunday, but the week is so open to something different every day. So my routine is beginning to focus on my spiritual routine. Each day at 1:00 pm I’m supposed to spend seven minutes in prayer. Each evening before bed I’m supposed to read and study for the Epic of Eden class. Each Wednesday I’m supposed to go to the Chapel for confession and communion. And now my Sunday afternoon routine begins with KIP, confirmation class and youth worship. My anchor holds around my routine – it is the rock of my ordinary time and I deepen my faith in this routine.

Epiphany! Revelation! Ordinary time! That’s is where we grow! That’s why the color for ordinary time is GREEN! Enjoy!

Pastor Sonny

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